Show compassion for the fatherless and fragmented by becoming a Dollar A Day (DAD) sponsor.  Your monthly gift of $30 or more delivers real impact toward restoring the hope and future of a child.  Child sponsorship is a wonderful way to demonstrate compassionate action.

Hillcrest Children's Home provides around-the-clock Christian care for children who suffer separation from family due to death, incarceration, maltreatment or other misfortune. 

Help us redeem family and future for a child in need. 

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* Name and some details have been changed to protect child’s privacy. Please note, the child pictured is not the child in our care, but represents one of the many children we serve daily.

Abigail*, 16

Darnell*, 15

Erin*, 13

Johnny*, 8

Maggie*, 2

Renee*, 9

Allison*, 14

Dylan*, 17

Gabrielle*, 12

Justin*, 8

Mary Kate*, 5

Sabrina*, 15

Caleb*, 9

Emily*, 8

Jennifer*, 11

Luke*, 11

Mason*, 9

Sydney*, 10