In 2006, the General Council of the Assemblies of God established and commissioned Assemblies of God Family Services Agency, d/b/a COMPACT, to provide and lead greater redeeming vulnerable children family ministry as the designated national affiliate child welfare agency of the fellowship in mission. In the new initiative, the historical cornerstone ministries of Hillcrest Children’s Home and Highlands Maternity Home & Placement Services should advance with additional services for the growing modern child welfare and family crisis problems in the United States. In 2006, those ministries served approximately 50 children and youth annually.
    Today, COMPACT offers a broad continuum of nationally accredited, licensed services and ministries as envisioned by the leadership more than a decade ago. That continuum spans from prevention services to permanency for at risk children, youth and families. Some thought it impossible. The board of directors, chaired by Rev. Doug Clay, believed the dream and acted with faith. See the attached growing graphic of COMPACT’s ministry continuum. In a short span of time, significant change growth has poised COMPACT for a generation of impact.
    In just the first four months of 2019, COMPACT services in Arkansas and Missouri have served and ministered to 128 children. (This does not include COMPACT’s CompaCare empowered church partners and districts in multiple states with ministry to additional foster and homeless youth. Soon we will include those impact instrument measures in reports.)
    We believe our commission is responsible to daily provide and partner redeeming ministry to at least 3% (12,800) of the children and youth in the U.S. child welfare census. Through improving Christ-centered professional services and exported empowerment with partnered churches and agencies, that goal is not only possible, we believe it will occur in the coming decade to the glory of God.
    Believe with us! Partner with us!
    In faith,
    Jay Mooney
    Executive Director