Get involved with COMPACT first hand by bringing a mission team from your church or organization to our campus.  Mission teams (adult and youth) adopt and endeavor projects on the 52-acre campus.  The mission teams advance COMPACT's care, ministry, facilities, activities, and outreach.

If you are interested in providing project funds, supplying resources, or you would like to bring a team to complete one of the projects, contact our office.  We can help you to reserve your spot or to provide more information.  Contact us by phone at (501) 262-1660 or email at 

Here is a list of our current campus projects.  Please consider providing funds or bringing a team to help us accomplish one or more of these projects:

Current Special Projects:

  1. New IT/Security Center ($23,000)
    new server with software, DVR with cameras and software, windows, walls, furniture, paint, computers for training
  2. Furniture for two cottages ($5,300 each)
  3. Highlands Cottage Flooring ($6,000)
  4. Anderson Cottages I & II Flooring ($9,000)
  5. Netzel Cottage Flooring ($6,000)
  6. Garrison Cottage Bathroom Renovation ($3,500)
  7. Anthony Cottage Bathroom Renovation ($3,500)
  8. 2 sets Washers & Dryers for 3 cottages ($5000)
  9. 3 sets Washers & Dryers for TLC Laundry Room ($2500)